Designing the living room of your house is all about balancing style and functionality. You need to buy the right furniture and décor items that can be incorporated together to create a contemporary theme. Among other things, you need a center table, which helps in filling the space and also adds more charm to other furniture pieces. Here are the factors that must be considered.

What’s your purpose?

For many homeowners, a center table is also a coffee table. If you have guests at home, you would probably entertain them in the living room, unless it’s time for dinner. The center table should be a purposeful item in this regard. If you don’t have a lot of space for book shelves and magazine racks, you might need a table that has additional storage compartments. The table should be free of clutter, but you will need enough space to place the coasters, TV remote and napkins.

Measure the room and other furniture

Long before you buy a center table, do consider the other elements in the living room. Pretty obviously, the table must be placed at the center, but it should be nicely distanced from sofas and chairs. Your guests should be able to grab the coffee cup, but the table shouldn’t be too close that it hurts the knee either. So, take your measurements before taking the final call.

Design, style and material

Coffee tables come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, depending on your needs. If you have limited space, go for something that’s more compact and functional. The shape is a matter of choice, but round designs may need more space in certain rooms. The material choice can vary between metal, composite wood and hardwood, based on what you wish to spend.

Consider your budget and start looking for options now!

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