Many homeowners prefer using propane for heating their homes, and if you consider the expenses, it is quite an economical choice. If you have a propane gas tank at home, below are some quick tips that may come handy.

Safety tips 

If you have a spare propane tank, do not store it in the basement or garage. Portable propane tanks should be transported with care and must not be left in closed vehicles. In case you want to connect new appliances to the system, call your gas supplier or get a propane expert to check things. Do NOT paint old and rusted propane tanks, unless checked for structural integrity. Only use light and approved metal paints for painting tanks. Propane smells like rotten eggs, and that’s on purpose. If you smell propane in the house, evacuate immediately, and if it is safe, turn off electricity and call your propane supplier. You can check the website of Lingas to know more.

Saving propane

While many appliances can run on propane, most homes use pool heaters and HVAC furnaces extensively, which usually consume the maximum gas. Pool heaters can consume up to four gallons of propane per hour, whereas HVAC furnace can consume up to one gallon per hour. Clothes dryer can consume about one gallon per day, while gas cooktops can consume somewhere around eight to ten gallons per month. Make it a point to schedule yearly checks for furnace and gas appliances, so that energy efficiency can be maximized, besides ensuring safety. It is also a good idea to replace some of the older appliances with newer models, which are more energy efficient. For the winters, try and use more warm clothes, so that the room heater doesn’t need to run at its peak.

Other things to note

If you use propane, you should consider investing in Propane gas detectors, which are quite affordable. Also, get your tank checked at least once in every two years for structural integrity and other relevant concerns, such as rusting. With propane tanks, you need to be careful about usage. Do not run out of gas. It is always best to get your refills in time, which can prevent fire hazards and other related concerns.

Also, if you want to save some money, talk to your supplier to find if there are discounts or offers available, especially for senior citizens or large fuel refills.

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