Shifting between cities and homes can mean a lot of work. While some of the tasks cannot be delegated to others, you can surely hire a good mover service to deal with the shifting work. With so many local companies around, how do you choose the right one? We have enlisted 10 points that eventually matter in picking movers and packers.

  • Are you licensed? That should be your first question. To operate legally in a state, a company must have the mandatory and valid licenses as stated by the law.
  • Will you offer a quote? Some companies send their executives to the client’s place to see the work, based on which they will offer an estimate free of cost.
  • It is also important to see if the company is well staffed. Ask them the number of people/workers they can assign for the work.
  • There is no harm in asking the service for a few references. This is the best way to judge a service, especially if you are new to an area or don’t have family and friends to rely on.

  • Check if the company is open to offering other assistance related to packing. A few services may offer packing materials, while others can actually help in packing the goods, especially large and delicate items.
  • Is the company offering a discount? This depends on the policies of the service, but there is no harm in asking for a rebate.
  • Check for insurance. A company should have basic worker’s compensation insurance, so as to deal with medical and other expenses in event of an unfortunate accident.
  • When you trust a service with expensive goods, they should offer insurance for the same. For example, for shifting a piano, you need a mover that can offer insurance against the damages.
  • Check if the company has good market reputation. Apart from the references, you can choose to check online to find reviews from other clients, and also, take some time to check their website.

  • Does the company offer transit insurance? In case there is damage to goods during transit, they must be liable to some extent.

Finally, take your time to compare the quotes, not just on the prices but on overall services offered. You can click here to get a quick quote, and if you have any questions, do ask the same before you give away the contract.

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