As with any home appliance, an air conditioning unit needs some tender loving care so it can run smoothly. The following are some ideas that can make you an informed air conditioner owner.

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How and When to Change Filters

Dirty filters will kill the efficiency of your filters, thus, install a new one each month when the cooling season comes for window and central units. But if you have washable filters, just clean them. Look for the minimum efficiency reporting value of the filter that ranges from 1-12 for ac units in homes. A higher number means better filtration to offer.

Change Filters

Fixing Air Leaks

Ducts are capable of losing as much as 30% of airflow through leaks AC units for windows are difficult to seal properly. Look for leaks through the use of old smoke trick. If you have a window unit, light an incense stick and hold it where your AC and window frame meet.  For a central unit, the stick must be held near duct connections. When the smoke blows around, this means that a leakage is present. For ductwork, make use of foil tape for sealing small gaps. Duct mastic can be used for bigger gaps. Stuff foam between your window AC and the window frame and tape if you have to.

Fixing Air Leaks

Using a Timer

You don’t have to blast your unit at full tilt while at work. Central units can be installed with a programmable thermostat which allows you to set higher temperatures if you are gone and cooler temperatures if you are home. Window units these days often come with adjustable thermostats and built-in timers.

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Why and How to Insulate

Ducts in crawl spaces and attics must be wrapped in order to keep the air cool. Spray foam, rigid-foam insulation and batt insulation can be used. Seal rigid insulation and batt with foil tape. For tight spaces, there are wraps that provide some degree of insulation.

How to Insulate

Servicing Compressor/Condenser

The air compressor and condenser of a central air conditioning unit are often placed outside the house, near the foundation. This works best if there is clear space of around 24 inches in all directions. Thus, make sure you remove any nearby shrubs, leaves, hanging branches and tall grass. An important tip is to install window units or condensers on the east or north side of the house or create a screen so they can be shielded from the sun. Placing them in direct sunshine will minimize their efficiency up to 10%.

Servicing Compressor

Keeping the AC Unit Cool

If you wish to extend your AC system’s life, keep shades or blinds down during the day. Also, you can consider installing awnings in order to shield windows facing south from intense sun.  Run the unit in conjunction with ceiling or floor fans in order to effectively circulate cooled air.

Keeping the AC Unit Cool

Maintaining the Unit

A good provider of climatisation Sherbrooke must give you a yearly cleaning schedule that includes more than just cleaning the filters.  This checkup must be scheduled before the cooling season begins. The checkup should include tasks such as inspecting coils and cleaning, replacing or cleaning filters, replacing and adjusting fan belts, lubricating bearings and motors, checking and cleaning blowers and fans, verifying operating temperatures, checking pressures and refrigerant as well as inspecting safeties and controls.

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