When designing a bathroom, there are a few guiding principles to remember that will make the whole process easier and will help the resulting outcome be both functional and pleasing.

Types of bathrooms

Bathrooms are described by ¼’s. A ¼ bath has a sink, a 1/2 bath has a toilet and sink, a ¾ bath has a toilet, sink and shower and a full bath has a toilet, sink, shower and a bathtub. Determine which type you want before proceeding.


Once you’ve determined the type of bathroom you want, decide on your budget budgetary and get a most comfortable-to-not-any-higher than estimate of what you want to spend. This will help with determine the scope of the rest of the design project.


Ergonomic flow

While it may seem unglamorous, figuring out the best traffic flow for the bathroom will result in a highly functional foundation for the more decorative aspects of the bathroom design to be built around. The placement of the toilet, sink, shower, tub, mirror, lighting fixtures, laundry hamper, waste can, hooks, towel rods and any cupboards or shelves is essential to making a well-designed bathroom.


Think about what you want the bathroom to look like when it’s finished and use this to build a theme to base your design on. A theme can be anything inspiring, from a color, to a feeling, to a memory. For example, if you want the bathroom to reminds you of the beach, use that theme and create a design with teal, white and blue colors, bead board, sandy colored floor tiles and a seashell motif. Use the tiles, paint and style of bathroom fixtures to tell a story that refers to the overall idea behind the theme for an aesthetically pleasing design.

The Details

Make sure that your design has all the I’s dotted an T’s crossed. Remember to have the lighting be not only sufficient but placed correctly and have bathroom tiles sealed to prevent water damage.

The Details

These useful tips will help you successfully design a bathroom your customer will love. To learn more about remodeling your bathroom please visit http://langskitchens.com/

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