Whether you are thinking about slate with copper flashing or one with a bit more decent, a new roof is a big investment which often costs a lot of money. The materials themselves tend to represent a small part of the bill. A big part of your spending goes for the labor involved. That is why you have to pick an experienced professional to protect your investment and guarantee a leak-proof job.

Finding an Excellent Roofer

Check the phone book only when you cannot get a recommendation from someone you trust. Collect at least a couple of possible alpharetta roofers. Ensure every roofer in your list has been in business for last least 5 years. Those who perform unsatisfactory work will often not last for a long time.  roofing-contractor

Begin checking your prospect with availability. You do not have to waste time when the person is booked until next year. Gather names and addresses of references and eliminate roofers who balk at offering them in your list.

Then perform a drive-by inspection of some recent jobs.  Ensure that shingles are trimmed cleanly along the valleys where they tend to overlap the valley flashing. Also, on the end of the roof, shingles must be neatly trimmed aligning with the edge of the roof. In case the roof stand up to scrutiny, contact references right away and ask questions like whether they would hire the roofer again or if the roof leak.


If a roofer visits your place to check the job and work up a price, observe how he looks. Pride goes beyond the job site. When the roofer is not clean enough to sit at your table, do you think you want him working on your home? Next, detail your expectations’ full range. Know who will perform the work and the name of the foreman. Also, don’t forget to get anything in writing.

What to Look for in a Roofer

When you like what have seen, verify that the roofer has workers’ compensation coverage and liability insurance. Get the name of his agent and proof of insurance certificates. Then, obtain a free estimate. As roofing is short-term job, divide the total due into a couple of payments. Use 1/3 of its for materials and the rest if the roofing and cleanup are completed satisfactorily.

Additionally, insist on a warranty covering labor-related defects such as flashing failure and leaks. The minimum is a one-year warranty, though 2-3 years is preferable. Such stipulation must go into the contract that must also include the kind of shingles to be used. Consider requesting longest-lasting and highest-rated shingles that you can afford.


In general, shingle manufacturers give 20-30 years warranty to their products. A number of warranties are void when shingles are put on over present shingles so it must be required to tear off the present layer at an extra cost. On average, asphalt roofs are expected to last 13 years so a twenty-year warranty must be good. Just ensure you have the paperwork and purchase proof necessary to pursue any issues down the road.

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