The outside of our homes is one place where many homeowners are ready to spend cold hard cash to make a bit of a splash. Since it is the first thing you see, we know that one of the keys to great curb appeal, especially if you are considering selling, is the type of finish you have on your home. For many it will be siding, an easy and inexpensive way to add some pizzazz to your home’s exteriors. But today there are so many great materials to choose from when considering siding.

The days of just being limited to aluminum siding is gone with this wealth of great materials. From smart looking metal siding out of material such as zinc to traditional wood siding, the only limit on what kind of exterior look your home has is your imagination. Here are several great siding options you should be considering if you plan on making changes to your home’s exterior this year.

The Ever-Popular Vinyl Siding

There is a reason this remains the most popular siding, it is inexpensive and easy to maintain. The sheer number of colors that you can get vinyl siding in also helps to make it popular. Of course, because it tends to have a bit of a plastic appearance it isn’t exactly winning any awards from decorators and designers. But if what you really care about is upgrading the outside of your home for as little money as possible, this is probably your best bet.

Wood Siding Creates a Specific Atmosphere

There is no denying that wood siding can make a home appear more upscale with a definite cottage or Cape Cod vibe to it as well. While it is by no means cheap, it has a rugged appearance that can transform a home on the outside. The important thing to remember is that this will need periodic maintenance to keep it from weather damage. Chalking has become a popular way to care for it in addition to the traditional methods of painting or staining the wooden shingles. If properly cared for this type of wooden siding can last for as long as one hundred years.

Metal Siding

While this is still predominantly done for commercial properties, the last decade or so has seen the emergence of many types of architectural metal siding for homes. One of the more popular styles is the use of zinc panels to create a modern outside design that is both architecturally stunning and easy to care for over the years. With metal siding you add the material in panels that have a colored sheen to them, adding a special appearance that defies description.

Brick Siding

This use of brick to create siding gives a home an old fashion arts and crafts era look without the expense of actual bricks. The siding is usually created by first adding a wood veneer on the outside of the home as an envelope for the bricks. Then actual fired bricks are added, often at only a half brick depth, to give the appearance of the old fashion brick homes but at a fraction of the cost. In addition, this type of brick siding adds insulation to a home but doesn’t leave it drafty the way old fashion true brick homes might be.

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