Does looking at your bank balance give you the doldrums? Are you ready to throw in the towel when it comes to reviving the look of your home because you don’t have the budget for it? Well, have no fear because we are going to share with you some super cool ideas for decorating at home that will inspire your friends and won’t bust your budget. Whether you are looking for ideas for hip outdoor furniture or new ways to liven up those old tired hallway walls, we got you covered.

Photos and Washi Tape

If you have one of those long hallways that just cries out for something interesting, here is a genius idea. Start by going through your magazines (or cruising online and printing out) some images you adore. Place them along the wall in a pattern that pleases you. Then, using colorful washi tape, make frames around the images. You don’t have to stick to just simple square frames, get creative. Google washi tape frames to see tons of great ideas.

Penny Vase

Do you have a big old jar of pennies that you swear you will roll and turn into the bank one of these days? Face it, we all do. But now you can use these by gluing them onto an old thrift store vase. Just start at the top and make the first row, measuring first to ensure they are even, then add the next row, fitting them in at an off-set so they line up every other row. If you find that the row is too short or long for the circumference of the vase, try using a nickel or dime in each row to change up the length. No matter what you do, it will still be the cheapest and most interesting vase you have in the house.

Magical Bedrooms

Ikea has these great fake mosquito netting things that hang down for a bed. I have always loved them but couldn’t quite see having tons of netting over my bed until I saw this. Just add a set of those tiny white Christmas lights inside the netting and you have a fairy setting. If you have a little girl this just might be the perfect night light for her.

Outdoor Votive

Yes, we promised outdoor furniture ideas, but this is even better! Instead of bringing that glass votive for candles outdoors, we have a classier idea. Take those cute outdoor wine glasses, turn them upside down and just like that you have a great looking votive. For Christmas, you can put some little holly twigs under the glass, for Thanksgiving those cute tiny pumpkins, you get the picture. They will dress up any outdoor eating table and best of all they don’t shatter on the patio.

Headboards Go Crazy

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms but most of us have just boring old normal headboards. But you can do some cool DIY headboards if you use your noggin. One idea I saw recently was to mount open old hardbound books to a board, taping them open to a favorite page. This would look even more colorful if you used old magazines or children’s books. Another idea is to take an old thrift store panel headboard, paint it and then cover the inside panel with fabric. For a cool look, buy the fabric and use some for the headboard saving the rest for a throw on the bed that matches. Too cool!

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