“When it comes down to first day of school fashion, a lot of parents simply go to Sears and buy whatever they can for cheap and then send their poor little kid off to the wolves, so to speak. Here’s your life, your legacy, this human child you created presumably on purpose to care for and then later to care for you. Here he or she is, and you are going to treat them so callously by sending them off to school in terrible clothes that will get them taunted by their peers for the entire year? Their fragile self esteem eroded by the cruel words of their contemporaries, all because you’re too busy hitting the bars instead of rearing your children. Well, we’re here to tell you to stop. Just stop that.


You need to let your kids walk to school with pride and live their life like a real citizen with style and fashion. You think Brad and Angelina’s kids wear last year’s hand me downs? Of course not. Now you might be saying that they have a lot more money than you, and that is for sure, so you can sit at home lamenting that you don’t have as much money as a huge Hollywood power couple, or you can do something about it for once. You’re not a victim unless you act a victim. No, it’s time to take matters into your own hands and give your child the kind of life you would dream for them and for you.

child the kind

You can make clothes more fashionable and cool quite easily. If you have a sewing machine you can add cool patches or other accessories onto shirts or pants. We’re not saying old professor patches, but cool rock band patches, or other things like that from maybe the army navy store. Or get a grommet punch from The DIY Outlet and add some cool decorative grommets to the shoulder of their jacket, or to tie and awesome rope or string through to give it an awesome hitherto unseen look. Seek inspiration from the world around you, and make the clothing fit the aesthetic of the future, so that your child can lead the current and future generations. You have the power!

current and future

Second hand clothing doesn’t have to be a disaster, if you use a little ingenuity and creativity. Be better than your parents were to you, be a better person to your kids. After all, they have no idea, you have to show them, lead them. You may think, well, they don’t know any better, they’re just kids. If that’s your attitude, then why not just take the whole family on a long walk off a short pier. Fashion is a way of life, an intangible that separates the boring sheep of the world from the leaders, from those who will change planet Earth for the better. It starts with you, so get that sewing machine out and dress your kids for success. The fate of mankind is in your hands!”

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