Indoor air quality can significantly affect the comfort of all people living in your home. Particles such as mold spores and dust can cause irritation like sneezing and water eyes even in those who have no health issues. People who have allergies, bronchitis, asthma and other respiratory conditions should not be exposed to airborne particles such as pet dander, pollen, insect droppings, and dust. Cleaning your air duct periodically can help in improving your home’s indoor air quality. Choosing an air conditioning service professional makes sure that the job is done correctly.

Usually, air ducts must be cleaned every 3-5 years, although it might be necessary to clean them more often if you house is frequently exposed to dust and pollens. Your duct might already need cleaning but you just did not know. You must watch out for the following signs and call an AC professional when you notice any of them:

There is Mold Growth in Your Ductwork

If mold has grown in your ductwork, the technician will test the contaminated area to confirm it is really mold and not another substance. In case mold has really developed, they will clean and sanitize the duct. Also, they will inspect the rest of the HVAC system to detect possible issues.


There is Pest Infestation

If your house has recently dealt with a pest infestation, you need to have your ducts cleaned so that allergens and microorganisms that can cause diseases will not spread.  Insect droppings, vermin dander and the bacteria and viruses they bring can present serious health issues.

The Air Ducts have Accumulated Excessive Debris

Over time, the air duct may accumulate enough dust and debris and cause a blockage or restrictions in air flow. When this happens, the ducts must be cleaned. If the air vents and duct openings have dust, there is a problem that must be addressed right away. Restricted ducts can cause the HVAC system to work harder in order to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. This will result in an increase in utility bills and excessive component wear.

Symptoms of Allergy are Worsening

It might be necessary to clean the air ducts if they have been dirty and those with asthma or allergies are experiencing worsening symptoms. While the HVAC system re-circulates indoor air, allergens can be collected inside the ductwork. This is possible if the air filter is missing, clogged or damaged.

There is Too Much Dust in the House

In case your house is collecting more dust than before or you need to change your filter more often than usual, you might have to clean your ducts. This is something you should consider if you have carried out major household works that generate dust.

Reputable HVAC professionals provide efficient duct cleaning services. Just like when you need furnace repair services Kitchener, you will need to depend on professionals for your duct cleaning. A thorough cleaning can only be carried by using industry-standard equipment that can handle the volume and size of all types of homes. Only the professionals have this type of equipment.

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