If you live in a cold region, then maintaining the water heater is a must along with preserving the heater for the interiors. Also, this has to be done if this is a winter season and you cannot use the chilling water coming down from the tank kept outside the property. Therefore, to enjoy a hot water bath every time, it is essential to maintain the water heater system.

Here, some ideas are shared which you can follow to maintain the water heater—

Install a braded water heater

At the very beginning, it is suggested that if you’re about to purchase a new water heater, then instead of taking any random decision, choose the product smartly. Check out the features including the remote controlling system, total gallons of water it can heat at a time etc. You can consult with your plumber Singapore or elsewhere for the expert opinion. They can also help you in installing the product perfectly so that you don’t have to worry much about it. The plumber will also install the pipelines can faucets required to receive the hot water across the bathrooms or the kitchen sinks.

Choose the place correctly

If you place the heater in the basement or at the attic, you may not get the sufficient hot water as it’s hard for the hot water to cross so much distance before reaching your tub or shower or faucet. So, during installing, choose a place nearby the bathrooms or the kitchen so that the water may flow in easily and the heat of the water remains intact.

Clean the water heater

At least once a year, call a plumber to clean up the water heater. Let it flush out the stored gallons of water as the machine needs cleaning and maintenance at least once in every year for better performance. Let the plumber clean up the huge piles of debris accumulated in the water heaters by flushing them. The formation of the sediments or the debris often hamper the machine to heat up the water as quickly as it used to do when it was new. But after maintenance, you can easily get the same experience of having the warm water as you used to enjoy when the machine was new.

Don’t keep the water heater in a damp place. It is always recommended to install it in a dry place so that no mildew or damp can touch it.


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