If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pool in your garden, then it is important to ensure that the entire area is safe and erecting a fence of some sort is the ideal way to make the pool as safe as possible. However, many people don’t put a fence up around their pool as they don’t want to look at a fence instead of the pool but there is a great way to avoid this problem and that is to put a glass fence up around the edge to create a protected space.

A glass fence is transparent and therefore you can still see the swimming pool but it acts as a barrier to stop children or pets from getting into the pool area without supervision. You can organise for a professional company to come and install glass pool fencing in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney or wherever in the world you live by doing an online search for a local company.

Finding a Building Company …

Here are a few examples of the types of things you will need to look out for when employing a building company to erect a fence:

  • Good value for money deal
  • A guarantee for the work
  • Free quote for the work
  • The use of high quality materials


The internet is a great resource to use to find a building company to help you to improve the safety standards of your swimming pool without affecting the way it looks.

Improve Safety Standards

While having a swimming pool in your own garden is a luxury that many of us can only dream of having, if you are lucky enough to have your own pool then it is vital to ensure that the whole area is safe. Children and pets are particularly at risk of drowning if they enter the pool area unsupervised and also elderly people who are prone to falling could also be at risk if the area isn’t fenced off. Of course, not everyone can swim so being able to see the pool at all times is a great way to ensure everyone is safe.


Glass is one of the most popular materials to use to create a fence around a swimming pool, as it won’t affect the look of the area. It also allows you to continue to be able to watch the pool whilst on the other side of the fence, so you can always see exactly who is in the pool.


Here are a few features that you will need to add to a glass fence:

  • A glass gate
  • Warning notices about how to take care when entering the fenced off area
  • Add stickers to the glass fence to ensure it is visible


It is your responsibility to ensure everyone who uses your swimming pool is safe and erecting a glass fence around the area is a great way to ensure you can see the pool at all times, without affecting the way it looks.

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