We all have house keys and other items that we need to keep safe. There is little worse than realizing you’ve lost your keys, and are either locked out, or can’t leave the house because you can’t lock it after you go out! Your house keys are up there as one of the more important items that you really don’t want to lose, so here we look at a few tips to keeping them safe, so you know exactly where they are when you need them (every day!).

Keep a Familiar Spot at Home – If you can get into the habit of reaching for your house keys every time you go to leave, and to dropping them in the same place when you enter your home, you’re unlikely to lose them in the long run. Whether it’s a set of key hooks near the front door, a bowl or a shelf, having a dedicated spot to leave your keys is a good way to keep them safe. Just make sure they’re not within reach of a window or letterbox where criminal hands can find them!

Know Where Your Keys Are When Out – If you are out with your keys it is important to know exactly where they are at all times. Some people are fine with taking their keys out of their pockets when sat in a café, bar or restaurant, but surely you’re much more likely to forget to pick them up when you leave? Keeping your keys in your pocket at all times, or a keychain or bag ensures you’ll never leave something behind when you go out.

Have Spare Copies – If you end up locked out because you’ve left your house key inside, or you’ve lost one, it can pay to have made spare copies that have been left with someone trusted. It is also advisable to have a spare set of keys at home, though be sure they are kept in a different place to your designated area. If you lose a key outside of the home and are unable to find it, having spare keys doesn’t solve that problem, but in the short-term it does allow you to enter your home and begin to solve the problem, rather than being locked out completely!

Create a Checking Routine – Whatever you decide to do in terms of designated places to leave your keys, having spare copies and keeping the keys in your pocket when out of the home, it pays to create a routine that becomes habit. Every time you leave the house, double check you’ve got your keys, same as when you’re leaving a friends house, café or bar, and every time you come home, drop your keys in the designated area instantly. These habits can save you the expense in the long run.

If all of these tips have eventually failed, and your house keys are lost without a chance of finding them again, it might be time to think about another approach and call in locksmiths and home security experts to upgrade your locks.

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