When it comes to commercial paving, you many think of more traditional methods, such as asphalt and concreate, to serve your needs. Though these are the staple of paving methods, they are not the only options you have. A relatively new method called permeable pavements, can offer you things that traditional methods just simply cannot. For instance, the price of permeable pavements can cost about one-half to one-third less than the overall cost of concreate or gravel. Other features that permeable pavement offer, is the ability to drain and disperse heat, that would otherwise be retained by previous methods.


What is permeable pavements?

As its name states, it is a pavement that is permeable. Permeable basically meaning, that water and other liquids can pass through it. But, how does it accomplish that? Simple, utilizing a grid system for its base, instead of a solid rock base like concreate or asphalt. Once these grid sheets are installed, they can be filled with whatever filler the client wants. Examples would be gravel, dirt and even grass, to conceal the pavement itself if desired. Though, astatically different from what we may expect from a pavement. They are comparable to what we are accustom too.

Overall Performance 

Companies like TRUEGRID have seen the potential of this alternative paving method and has invested time and money, all in order to make a superior product. The base sheets themselves can withstand pressures over seven thousand PSI (pressure per square inch), that’s before the introduction of a filler material to reinforce the strength considerably. As mentioned above, it permeable characteristics help reduce the wear and tear of the surface itself. By allowing water to pass through uninhibited, water retention no longer becomes a factor. When water is introduced to concreate for example, it can penetrate the surface and can weakening it over many years and cause cracks. Same goes with heat, on long summer days, baking in the sun can reduce the stability as well. Again, permeable pavements do not share this issue either. They simply absorb the heat into the ground, reducing maintenance costs too. This is not the only place this can save you money.

Cheaper cost, Better quality

So, how do permeable pavements cost considerably less, when utilizing it commercially? The main reason it is so cost efficient is because of the method employed. Installing the plastic grid, doesn’t require heavy equipment or nearly as much labor as asphalt or concreate. Also, the materials need to fill the sheets are considerably cheaper then say mixing and pouring concreate. And as stated before, you are not losing any type of strength with choosing this option. Maintenance cost are considerably less, due to reason stated above. Permeable pavements may not always be the right fit for every situation, it is more than comparable in ability and cost to traditional means and deserves consideration.

When it comes to commercial paving, permeable pavements can be the difference in cost and quality. Offering a surface up for almost any job you can throw at it, while being much more affordable than many popular options utilized today.

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