What is the visual image that comes to your mind when you think of water damage in home? I am sure it would be natural catastrophe like flash floods or heavy rain or a strong hurricane. It is true that these natural catastrophes do cause water damage in home. However, extremely cold winters also can cause severe water damages.

What happens during winter?

The pipes are frozen. Frozen pipes start to burst resulting in flooding and water damage in your home. A few preventive measures can help in avoiding pipes from getting frozen and from rupturing.

Preventive steps to be followed

  1. Check the areas that are at the risk of freezing before the weather worsens. If you feel that the insulation of pipes in the risky areas like basement is inadequate, make sure that you install additional insulation and that the pipes are given enough protection. Using foam board can help in temporarily insulating the area which is extremely cold.
  1. When the weather is good, you should locate where the water shut down valve is. This is important to avoid major flooding when one of your pipes bursts. You will be able to shut off the valve immediately, thereby avoiding big damages.
  1. Check the pipelines for clogs before the onset of winter. Fix the damages immediately to avoid major repairs and major expenditure in the future.

What to do when the indoor temperature starts to fall?

  • Install heat trace cables to prevent pipes from freezing. Space heaters can be installed in area with poor insulation.
  • Don’t be tempted to switch the thermostat off to save on your electricity bills.
  • Allow the faucets to trickle or drip lightly. This will help the water from freezing and in circulating the water in the pipes freely.
  • Keep your home closed. Don’t allow cold air to enter your home and decrease the indoor temperature. This will worsen the situation. Make sure cold air does not seep through small gaps. Seal the gaps with caulk or silicone. Let it dry thoroughly.

Are you a resident of Lancaster PA? Are you at a higher risk of water damage in your home? Water damage Lancaster PA can be avoided by following the right preventive measures. If you feel that you cannot deal with the problem, get the help of a professional to solve water damage problem before it worsens.

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