When you need to clean off a surface effectively, you normally think about hiring a sandblasting service to do the job. Sometimes the surface that you need to have cleaned and prepared is too delicate for this process, though. You need to find an alternative that will work effectively without harming the surface in any way. Luckily, there is a process known as soda blasting that works beautifully as a safe alternative to sandblasting.

What Is Soda Blasting?

Soda blasting works very similarly to sandblasting in many ways. Much the same as sandblasting, it is capable of cleaning off a surface very effectively. It can remove paint and other types of coatings very easily. The difference between the soda blasting process and the sandblasting process is just that the soda blasting is better at not damaging the underlying substrate.

This makes soda blasting ideal for many different types of surfaces. You can use soda blasting to clean off brickwork very effectively. It will also be safe to use on materials such as metal, alloy, plastic, carbon fibre, and even fibreglass. You can see why the soda blasting process has started to become such a popular alternative. When you need to get a surface prepared for a protective coating of some sort, getting it soda blasted is going to be your best bet in many cases.

Soda blasting is performed using bicarbonate of soda. This substance is non-corrosive so it isn’t going to eat through the surface and damage anything. It also won’t cause pits in the material that it is being used on, nor will it in any way cause warping. This is a perfectly safe process that you will be able to take great advantage of.

Soda Blasting Is Environmentally Friendly, Too

You don’t have to worry about soda blasting in Perth being unsafe in any way. Bicarbonate of soda is a completely natural material that is not hazardous at all. It is non-toxic and is even water soluble. It won’t have a negative impact on the environment at all so you can use it without having to worry about any environmental implications.

Get a Free Quote Today

If you are in need of soda blasting services, then you should call to get a free quote today. Whether you are looking to prepare a machine for a protective coating of some sort or you need to clean off some bricks, this will be a useful process. It is very simple and you won’t have to worry about any type of environmental impact. Soda blasting works great on so many different types of surfaces that is going to be well suited to many purposes.

The free quote you are given will come with no obligation. You can determine how much the soda blasting services will cost you and can make your decision from there. This is an excellent alternative to sandblasting and it will allow you to prepare surfaces or clean them off with ease. Make contact with a professional soda blasting business today to get your needs taken care of.

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