First there was the spa, a place for people to enjoy the mineral-rich waters for medicinal purposes. Some of these locations offered hot water from natural springs that helped people relax, and helped take away the body’s aches and pains. The name comes from the town of Spa, in Belgium, and the idea was transferred to the UK city of Bath. But in the 21st century, the word “spa” has a slightly different definition. Many, many people around the world have been able to bring benefits to their homes with the creation of a special unit known in some locations as a hot tub. This type of individual spa is often installed on a deck or patio, making hot water therapy and water-jet massage available at a moment’s notice.

The Combination

Today, some of the leading manufacturers offer pools with a difference that can be installed on private property. These special pools use pumps to fiercely move the water, providing a force for the user to swim against, which greatly reduces the need for a large pool. These swim spas have become very popular recently, providing the benefits of a private swimming pool in combination with the moulded shape and colour of a smaller spa/hot tub; this is really the best of both worlds.

Swim and Relax

Generally, one end of these larger units has seating and water jets that are normally associated with a smaller spa. The opposite end is sometimes a bit deeper, or is free of the moulded seating, allowing more freedom of movement for the swimmer, but the options do not stop there.

These units come in a few different sizes, with different shapes and designs also available. This not only provides options for swimming opportunities, but also makes room for more people to enjoy the spa features. Most medical experts recommend some type of physical activity in combination with relaxation techniques, and what better way to achieve this than with a combination unit such as this?

Big Enough to Serve, Small Enough to Care

Fortunately, there are quality suppliers in your area who can provide the finest equipment because of the size and success of their business, but they are also small enough and friendly enough to provide the outstanding customer service you expect. In Australia, and in other difficult climates, the need for quality construction and attention to detail takes on a whole new meaning.

Swim and Relax2

Leading suppliers have established a wide-ranging dealer network to make these excellent units available for more potential customers. With great attention to detail, such as the strategic placement of jets, manufacturers create their spas with the human form in mind. A multi-step process ends with a quality spa that will provide worry-free service for the long term.

Even with this meticulous creation process in place, the top providers of spa equipment put their final product through an extensive wet test for quality assurance. If you have considered a combination spa for both swimming and relaxation, some of the best products available are well within your reach. Contact your nearby supplier and let the fun begin.

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