Everyone wishes for a trendy bathroom with all the luxurious fixtures. However, many of us might not be aware of the fact that installing these fixtures and maintaining them is quite difficult. Here are many things, you have to take care of while installing the panels.

The freestanding baths are everyone’s favorite. They might consume more space than the built- ins and hence require a little more time to install. Here are the most common issues faced by homeowners:

They are heavier than the ordinary ones. You have to ensure that the floor is strong enough. In case it is not able to bear the weight, consider reinforcing it.

The pipework and issues involving it

You need to consider the pipe work, and also might have to hide the plumbing. Like every other problem, this one has a solution as well. The builders will keep the pipes discreet, in such a way that they are easier to access. You might have to invest in some design works, in order to hide them. If the baths have a solid base, ensure that the pipes are under the floor. However, keep in mind that plumber does not face any difficulty in accessing it when needed.


You could also construct a plinth. It will make the bath more appealing and centerpiece of bathroom. You could even add a handy kitchen hatch to the bath. If this option does not work, you could also attach pipes beside the bath. This is considered as the best option. However, it might be a little difficult to get that effortless look.

A concealed cistern is essential to provide a clean look to your toilet. There are few issues to be taken care of like budget. These cisterns could turn out to be a little expensive. Even if you face minor problem in future, you would have to call the plumber. Not only this, the wall plates and the buttons available for cistern could be a little pricey.

To make things easy, you can include an extra access panel. Your plumber must be aware of this solution for easy future maintenance. Besides this, you must have a box of toilet tiles. If the concealed cistern loos do not fir the walls, choose close- coupled toilet. If you choose this option, the cistern will not live in the walls but hugs them.

There are many other modern ideas to consider while renovating the bathroom.

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