A mortgage is a great deal – in fact, for most people, it’s an essential deal when trying to secure that piece of property. Property is expensive, after all, and most people would never be able to afford a home had it not been for a mortgage. However, it’s important to understand how mortgages work and, whilst trying to secure one and submitting your mortgage application, to understand how the mortgage lender will assess you and your qualifications. What will the mortgage lender base their decision on? Following are some helpful hints regarding the mortgage lender’s assessment: what you should expect.

Show your commitment

When you go to the bank (or other financial institution that offers mortgages), you will immediately make a good impression if you can present various options – if you can show that you’ve done your research and understand how mortgages work. You’ll need to show that you are serious, that you take the mortgage seriously, and that you want to commit to it. Another way – greatly appreciated by the lenders – to show your commitment is let them know that you will be able to put down a large deposit.

Show your commitment

Show your integrity

Your bank will be investigating you. This is nothing personal – it’s just that the bank wants to be sure you will pay your installments on time, every time. If you have a bad credit rating, your odds will dramatically decrease. Make sure all your bills are settled, credit card debts paid, and that your credit rating is presentable.

Think of the ever-changing future

You may think that you can afford to give say, £1000 pounds to the bank now (just to give a hypothetical number). However, will you be able to do this three, five years from now? Do you plan to have children? Will you be needing a new car soon? Your future can change, so make sure you agree to a payment plan that is realistic and feasible.

future can change

Everyone should be comfortable

Don’t just sign an agreement just because you’ve dreamt of that property for a long time and your lender has accepted your application. Make sure you are comfortable with all the terms and stipulations.

A mortgage is a business deal; it should be beneficial for both the mortgage lender (usually a bank) and the applicant. Because the mortgage is a long-term commitment, the deal should be made with a win-win situation in mind. By showing that you have thought long and hard about the mortgage and by demonstrating a good understanding of how your mortgage lender will assess your application, you’ve already won half the battle and drastically improved your odds of getting that mortgage. And if ever you need extra help and professional advice, you could always consult with a mortgage advisor in Colchester such as those from Flagstone.co.uk.

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