You might have not realized that you will need a few other things for your new home that you probably did not require in your apartment. This is common to first-time homeowners. Yes, you have ordered for your nice beds, mattresses after learning more on memory foam talk and other furniture but you still have more items to buy. So look at this: If you have splashed your last dimes in settling the closing costs, here are some ways you can save in your next purchases.


You see, if your new home has a lawn, you will need a lawnmower. Though you might opt to hire a gardener, it is a lot saving for you get this machine. However, if your new yard doesn’t have grass, nobody will question if you opted to grow yours.

Keys and Locks

The very initial thing you should do is to change the locks or re-key. This is because the sellers may still have a bunch of keys that can access your premises. It is simple, just remove the locks and take them to an expert who can re-key. This ensures that only you can access your new home.

You can also contact a blacksmith who can change the locks. As an option, you can buy new ones but that would be a bit expensive. And finally, find a desolate area where you can hide your keys to make sure that you will never get locked out.

Garden Supplies

Most homes have gardens and these gardens require some tools and equipment. For instance, for your garden watering needs, you will require a hose pipe. You can also get some sprinklers for easy watering. Do not forget shovels, rakes, weed whackers and trowels.


Most new homes are well equipped with appliances, but if you just bought an old home and you are done with giving it a fresh look, you will need to buy appliances. This is because some sellers may take with them any appliances that they had. A few examples of the appliances you will need are refrigerators, washers, and dryers.

Domestic Pets

It is not funny that some leases prohibit ownership of cats or dogs. But now that you have your own home, you can adopt one or two. Though there might be a few restrictions on the number of pets you should own depending on the city, it’s wise to consult from the authorities. Also, you should ask if a pet license is a must-have.

Floor Coverings, Linens, and Towels

The fact that you can choose any paint for your house, you may require new towels for your bathroom. It won’t look good a new bathroom having some old towels hanging. Floor mats and rugs can also be included in your shopping list plus some duvet covers and sheets.

Bottom Line

This is an overview of the things that you need for your new home. They are all at your disposal. Make clear decisions on which you can get locally and those that you need to place an online order. All of them will play a significant role in making your life better in your new abode.

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