These days it is a rare thing to see someone actually park their car in their garage. Most of us use it as an extra storage area for all those things we have been meaning to clear out. While some homes still retain a workshop of sorts in the garage, for many of us the place is simply wasted space. But here in Houston we know that one person’s wasted space is another man’s castle.


If you are willing to let go of that overhead door Houston homeowners, then you can renovate that garage into a playroom for the kids, mancave for the man of the house or craft room for the crafty members of your family. It can even become a bedroom for that teen who wants their space. Here are a few tips on the best approach to transforming that garage from space waster to a valued addition to your home.

Plan Your Blocking and Framing First

Chances are the first thing you will need to do is add some drywall to make those walls look a bit more finished. Before heading out to pick up the drywall and nails, take the time to plan out how you will be framing it, and the blocking that goes with it. If you want to add some shelving in this new room that will fall between the studs, then blocking is your solution.

In addition, if you plan to add some lights that will hang from the ceiling you will need to add blocking up there as well. If you garage roof is peaked, and most are, then why not drop in a ceiling with an access hatch so you can use that attic area for storage? Don’t forget to plan for skylights, air conditioning units and windows when planning out that framing.

Moving the Wiring

Shut off all power before beginning on this step. This is very important and forgetting to do so may be the last thing you do. You will need to move some of the electrical wiring in the room because you will now be using it in a completely different way. Since most garages only have a minimum number of outlets, plan on adding a few as well as rerouting phone lines.

This needs to be done once the framing is completed but before you put that drywall into place. Some of the current wiring may even interfere with the placement of the drywall, so be sure to review it all and carefully remove electrical wiring and move it if you can see it will be in the wrong place once drywall is installed.

Weather-proof the Windows and Doors

While the old garage was probably drafty and cold, you don’t want that to be the case with this new repurposed room. This is why it is so important to add some weather stripping to all the windows, especially the new ones you are adding to make the room a more sunny and friendly space. There is probably an old back door that went to the backyard that will also need to be weather proofed to prevent cold drafts from sneaking into this snug new room.

Once these are done you are ready to drop in the drywall, paint and carpet it and enjoy this great new addition to your home. Who knew that a garage could look so good with a quick makeover like this!

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