Before purchasing an air purifier, there are some steps to try so you can minimize indoor air pollution in your house. Start by vacuuming frequently, decreasing the use of wood fires and candles, banning indoor smoking and utilizing exhaust fans in your kitchen, laundry areas as well as bath. Have your house tested for radon gas. Avoid storing solvents, chemicals, pesticides or glues in your home. Reduce the risk of carbon monoxide gas by venting and maintaining heating equipment, fireplaces, wood stoves, vents and chimneys.

An excellent air purifier performs well in filtering pollutant particles like tobacco smoke, pollen and dust. However, volatile organic compounds and other kinds of gaseous pollutants are another issue. A number of portable models that have carbon pre-filters can filter VOCs. However, environmental agencies warn that air filters are specific to particular gaseous pollution.

Air purifier models that have an electrostatic precipitator eliminates pollutant particles through a charging method as these particle pass through and then collect them on a filter or metal plate that is oppositely charged. In the process, these produce ozone. The market is filled with dedicated ozone generators these days and many household are enjoying the benefits of these products.


Choosing the Right Air Purifier

If you wish to purchase a purifier and your house does not have a forced-air system, a big portable can be considered. Aside from eliminating more particles at high speed, the big models did well at quieter and lower speeds.

It is important to carefully weigh the purifier’s features. The majority of air purifiers come with an indicator which tells the right time to replace or clean the filter in order to keep efficiency. However, a number of indicators turn on according to the length of time a unit has been functioning instead of the how dirty a filter is.

Right Air Purifier

And the box certifications tell how well a unit filters particles at the highest speed. Also, they allow a maximum of 50 parts per billion of ozone. Many homeowners choose to clean air and purify with ozone machines.

Check the Efficiency Rating of the Air Purifier

Home appliance manufacturers certify the majority of room units as part of programs like maximum clean-air delivery rate, appropriate room size and cleaning speed measure. A CADR that is above 350 is judged excellent and below 100 CADR is poor. Pick a model meant for an area that is bigger than yours to ensure better air cleaning at a quieter and lower speed.

the Air Purifier

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