Homeowners have their own agendas when it comes to home refurbishing and improvement. Thanks to the Info-graphic courtesy of Newline Construction a west London builders company, it is now known that 75% homeowners take up refurbishment projects for home improvement, while other 42% are more concerned about repairs and maintenance. Also, it is surprising to find that 25% property owners like to take up DIY projects and share the load with contractors, although other 41% liked to hire direct contractors for the job.

There’s a changing attitude towards home improvement projects, which is hard to ignore. People are extremely focused on their budget, and around 46% of the reviewed list had managed to complete their refurbishment work as planned. Also, people who used their savings to fund such home projects were more on the budget, as compared to those who took credit. It can also mean that people don’t want to take extra loans for their homes, especially when it was about just refurbishing.

Also, it is interesting to note that most homeowners spent on such projects, just before they planned to sell the property. Since such improvements can increase the value of the property considerably, the investments probably make more sense.

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