Central furnace is one of the common heating systems that have been used by householders to get required heat to perform desired work. A furnace performs by blowing hot air via ducts. This provides warm air to different rooms in the house through grills or air registers. Such heating systems are referred as ducted warm air. It uses electricity, fuel oil or natural gas for its efficient execution.

Efficiency of a heating system

The efficiency of a heating system is a measure of the heat produced by it per unit of fuel injected into it. “Combustion efficiency” is the basic measure that determines how efficient the system is when it is running. The best type of heating systems such as gas furnaces, boilers, fossil fuel furnace etc. on the market offer efficiencies more than 90%

What factors influences the efficiency of a heating system?

In the United States, the efficiency of the furnace is regulated by AFUE. AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. It is an estimate that considers few factors to assess the efficiency of the heating system. These factors are averaging peak, seasonal efficiency, and part-load situations.

Types of heating system

  • Boilers

Boilers are water heaters that are used for specific circumstances. These types of systems perform an even distribution of heat in warm water. It builds up the heat when passing through radiators throughout the house.

Boilers used for residential purposes use heating oil or natural gas for execution. Though steam boilers are less common in residential homes, only natural gas and oil based heating systems are used by householders. www.gnrcorbus.com offers a wide range of heating systems to suit the diverse needs of a commercial and residential space.

  • Heat Pumps

These systems are 2-way AC systems. In hot months, it moves heat from the cool indoors to the warm exteriors. In cold months, its operation reverses. It takes all the heat from the cold exterior via an electrical system and transfers it to the interiors of the house. Air-source heating pumps and ground source heating pumps are the common forms of AC systems.

  • Gas-fired space heaters

These are the very popular type of heating systems that include wall-mounted, floor furnaces, and free-standing features. They are characterized by ductless work and small power output. Their ductless structure makes it highly useful for heating a single room.

The heating system comes with the most advanced controls for efficient regulation when the different components of it constantly turn on and off. Learning features of different heating systems and how well it matches with your house requirements would help you get the right one.