If you are designing a new home or remodelling an existing home, then aluminium bifolding patio doors may be the perfect solution for you. These doors add immense beauty to the design, and designers specifically craft them so they save space. Leaving them open allows you to get as much natural light into the environment, yet, when you close them, they are great at maintaining a home’s heat. They also provide a maintenance-free solution in most cases, since they will not rot.

Bifolding Patio Doors

Space Saving

Bifold aluminium doors are designed to fold in the least amount of space possible, unlike a traditional glass sliding door. This allows people inside the home to feel like they are more involved in the events that are happening on the patio. With traditional doors, half of the door was always closed, which formed a barrier that could be hard to overcome emotionally for people who needed to be inside the home. Meanwhile, aluminium bifold patio doors can be slid to either the right or the left to open the entire space to the patio. Not only does this allow people inside and outside to feel more connected, but it also makes moving things on and off the patio much easier.

Bifold aluminium doors

Light Giving

When the doors are left open, bifolding doors increase the amount of natural light that enters a home. Homes that are lit by natural light are usually much prettier than those that are not. Furthermore, enjoying natural light has a huge impact on the body emotionally. Exposure to natural light decreases stress levels, causes people to perform better on academic tasks, and causes people to want to linger for a longer period of time.

Light Giving


Many aluminium bifolding doors, like those made by Kloeber, are made of different layers filled with either argon or krypton gas. This helps to trap the cold air outside and retain the heat inside the home. In fact, the aluminium panels reflect the heat back into the house, often resulting in people being able to lower their thermostats. About 80% of heat loss in traditional sliding doors happens through the door’s track. This is minimal with bifold doors due to the door’s unique tracking system.



If you currently live in a home with a traditional sliding door, or have ever lived in one, then you know these doors come off their tracks easily. When they do, it can be a nightmare to get them back in place, because of the weight of the glass. Aluminium doors seldom come off the track, and if they do, they are much easier to put back in place. Furthermore, aluminium does not rust, so you can enjoy the beauty of the door for many years to come. While many homeowners do not do any upkeep on the doors, others choose to hose them down occasionally. It also does not collect fingerprints that can be extremely distracting meaning someone constantly has to clean the door. Finally, they can be installed on a flush track so dirt does not build up along the track.

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