Unexpected water leaks and flooding can cause massive damage to your property, and it is tremendously imperative to act as early as possible. You might be tempted to initiate the cleaning process, but it’s never a good idea, because there are many aspects to be considered, such as mold infestation and electrical wiring. Most experts suggest on hiring a professional service. A quick web search will show endless companies that deal with water damage clean up Everett WA, but choosing one would need some contemplation. In this post, we have a seven-step guide for every home owner.

  • Start by asking friends and neighbors for recommendations. Most home owners have some kind of experience with water damage, and they can help you in sorting the options. However, if you are getting a few names from the web, you can ask each one to offer client references in your area. Professional services will never shy away from talking about their expertise and clients.
  • Once you shortlist a few options, seek an estimate from every service. When it comes to water damage clean up, most companies have a fixed price for the job, while others may check the extent of work needed and offer a custom quote. Whatever the pricing procedure, it is best to have a cost in hand, so that you can plan the finances. If there are additional charges for mold remediation, seek an estimate for the same, as well.

  • Comparing services will be easy if you keep a check on some basic facts. Firstly, make sure that the company is licensed. A lot of scamming services offer heavy discounts to customers to lure them, following which the job is given to third party contractors. Also, the concerned service should be insured, and they must have experience of dealing with insurance providers.
  • Ask the company about the techniques used for water damage clean up. This is important because quick drying will reduce the impact of the damage. Also, check if the service is using environment friendly cleaning agents and scrubbers for mold remediation.
  • It is important that the technicians and experts of the service are trained and certified. The experience of the remediation technicians matters in the cleaning process, and they must be able to reduce the damage by taking care of the major concerns first.

  • Check if the service would offer guarantee on the work done. For certain tasks, such as mold remediation and water damage cleanup, one may get additional assurance from the professional company, and if you have that option, make sure to get it in writing.
  • Finally don’t miss on asking for a complete contract with all details. Read the terms and conditions in detail, so that the possible disputes in the future can be handle without any hassle. Also, if you have any major concerns or have been offered a special price, get these terms on the contract.

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